Remember my post about the Electrolux Live Stream Cook-Off? If you didn’t participate in the chat (and trying to win a FREE induction stove top!), here is my recap of the event! If you would rather watch the recording of the event, click this link. 


Before the event, I didn’t know too much about induction cooking. I knew it heated fast, but wasn’t sure how it compared to other stove tops. I am familiar with electric and I currently use a gas stove top, but my knowledge on induction wasn’t very strong. The live stream was hosted by Phoebe Lapine, Jennifer Perillo, and Camille Becerra as they demonstrated the differences between all three (electric, gas, and induction).

Here are some things I learned as they created a delicious looking cauliflower dish:

1. It heats up very quickly! No pre-heating necessary. A cup of water boils in just 90 seconds.

2. Use a magnet on your cookware to see if it is compatible with induction. If it sticks to the cookware, you can use it!

3. That magnet didn’t stick? No worries, you can just purchase a diffuser which easily allows ALL your cookware to become compatible. Nice!

4. While cooking, you can actually touch the cook top and you will not burn yourself.

After the three dishes were completed, I have to say the induction one looked the most tasty. It had lots of color and didn’t look as mushy as the electric stove top version. At the end of the show, a VERY lucky winner won an Electrolux induction stove-top. Congrats to her!

Here are a few photo’s below of the event: