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_200_360_Book.1446.coverSearch for the Shadow Key by Wayne Thomas Batson is the second book in the Dreamtreaders trilogy. It follows fourteen year old Archer Keaton who has the fantastic ability to enter his dreams, known as a Dreamtreader.

Archer Keaton is the last Dreamtreader and must find a way to save his family and friends from the new Nightmare King and the Trendrils. He must seal the Dream Fabric or the barrier between dreams and the waking world will merge.

Filled with imagination, fantasy, and temptation, this epic fantasy trilogy was captivating and held my attention. This second part of the Dreamtreaders trilogy is a superb continuation and I honestly can not wait to find out how it all comes together in the end.

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson’s BookLook program but was not obligated to write a positive review. These thoughts are my own.

Cinder, Scarlett, and Cress are the first three books in the young adult series, The Lunar Chronicles written by Marissa Meyer. I picked up the first book last year after a recommendation and it had far exceeded my expectations! I quickly read the second and third books which are equally amazing.

One thing I love about this series is the characters. I absolutely fell in love with each and every one of them. They have depth and heart. I generally care about what happens to them and that is a big deal when it comes to character development. If the people in a book do not interest me, I become uninterested no matter how good the plot is.

The Lunar Chronicles are loosely based on Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel. In the first book, you get to know Cinder who isn’t your average human. She is half cyborg and treated just as nasty as Cinderella was with her evil step mother. She becomes smitten with Prince Kai, but doesn’t want to reveal her true identity. It only gets more engaging from there, with space travel, werewolves, advanced technology, and a mysterious past.

I can not recommend this series enough! If you love fantasy, please pick this book up (and the others because I know you’ll love them)!
The forth and last book, “Winter”, will be coming out later this year. You can bet I will be first in line to pick it up!

Hey everyone, I’ve got another book review for you. This time it is a book all about quizzes and is aimed at young girls. You know those personality quizzes that are sometimes in magazines? Well, this book is full of those kind of quizzes and more. Pre-teen girls will love this quirky and fun book with a variety of quizzes to take alone or with a friend.

There are a total of 25 quizzes that have a broad range of categories. Some categories include “School Stuff”, “All About You”, and “Faith and Family”. I think children will enjoy the bright and colorful illustrations that go along with the quizzes. I think this book would be something fun for a girls sleep-over party. Overall, I would recommend this book to any parent who would like to give their daughter a fun present. 5 out of 5 stars!


Note: I received this book free from the publisher from a book review program. This was my honest opinion about the book and I did not need to leave a positive review.

If you are looking for a Bible for young readers, look no further than Adventure Bible for Early Readers. The true meaning of the bible is still intact, it’s just made easier for younger readers to understand. For example, a large hard to read word might be replaced with a simple and much more easier to understand vocabulary.

Throughout the bible are some facts or explanations that are highlighted. There are illustrations as well. Keep in mind that this is not a very young bible reader edition! All of the adult situations and violence are still intact. That being said, I think this is a great starter book for the 8-11 year olds who want to read the whole story and not let complicated words frustrate them. I highly recommend this bible!

Note: I received this book free from the publisher from a book review program. This was my honest opinion about the book and I did not need to leave a positive review.

I received a free full size box of Playtex Sport Fresh Balance from Influesnter to give my personal thoughts and review. If you don’t know what Influenster is, I HIGHLY suggest checking out their site! It’s a fun and free and you get cool stuff! This product was in my recent VoxBox among other products to test out.

I’ve never tried Playtex before, so I didn’t know what to expect. After using the product, I was surprised to find that these work so well, especially if you active and love the outdoors or working out. They stay put, there are no leaks, and you can feel worry-free while you play sports or other activities. I like to bike ride and don’t let my period get in the way of the fun. The light scent of these tampons work well after a long work out. Overall, I recommend checking them out. 5 out 5 stars!

@PlaytexSportandGentleGlide @Influenster

Influenster #GoVoxBox

If you don’t know what Influenster, I highly suggest checking out this site! You get to try out new products and share your opinion about them. It’s fun!

Currently I qualified for the GoVoxBox. I knew it was about keeping fit and active, so was excited to know what the products would be included. There is a cheat sheet on the site if you can’t wait till it arrives, but I love opening the box without knowing anything! It’s like Christmas. :)

Okay so let’s cut to the chase. What did I get? Well….

PROFOOT Triad Orthotic: I was soo excited to get this you have no idea! I needed something for my sneakers and these fit wonderful. They help relieve knee, leg, and pack pain. These are great for runners or if you are going to be walking a lot. Going to Disney this summer? These are a MUST buy. You’ll thank me later.

PROFOOT Pedi-Rock: Okay, so after walking a lot sometimes your feet get rough skin. With this, the silicon carbide crystals gently remove calluses quickly. You can use this wet or dry and cleans easily. For my review, this does work and was gentle on my skin.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: Calling all you ladies! You know how bummed you get when you want to go for a jog but Aunt Flo decided to show up?  These tampons work with your body so you can still stay as active as you want. It has a 360 design for sport level protection! Sounds great to me.

Blue Diamond Fruit Flavored Almonds: Yum. Yum. Triple Yum. I had no idea Blue Diamond had fruit flavored almonds. The ones I got in my box were blueberry flavored. You can also get them in strawberry or raspberry. They keep me full throughout the day and taste soooo good! Do not just take my word for it, pick up a bag! They are only $3.19!!

Muller Greek Corner and Corner Yogurt and Muller FrutUp: I was supposed to get a free product coupon but they sent me a $1/2 coupon instead. :( I may use the coupon regardless as I love my Greek yogurt. I have tried Muller before and actually tried this exact one (Greek Corner).  Yummmmmy. They come in lots of different flavors and the “corner” is packed with either nuts or fruit mix-ins. I love mine with granola, how about you?

Aqua Spa Relax Collection: I received the Body Creme inside my box. The scent is lavender + chamomile. Honestly, I do not like the scent of lavender. I know, I know… How in the world can I not like lavender? Doesn’t everyone love that scent? I guess I’m just weird. Anyway, I used this after using the pedi-rock and my feet are now super soft. I like how the creme goes on smooth and isn’t sticky like other lotions. It dries quickly too!

Jaxx Next Step: When you get your VoxBox it always comes with a card describing the products. My card doesn’t list this item I got… so.. bonus! :P It’s a clear shaker sport bottle and came with drink mix so I can try it out. Inside the clear bottle is a jaxx. Remember those toys your grandparents used to play with? It looks like one BIG jaxx inside the cup and that allows it to shake up the drink mix. I first tried the fresh berries flavor and I noticed it reduced my cravings. It kept me full and the flavor was tasty. It had a mixed berry taste and I was happy to know I was getting all my vitamins I needed.

So there you have it, my GoVoxBox!! I had a lot of fun trying out all the products and those almonds were soo good. I think this VoxBox was a complete success!

Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek is the first book in the Good News Shoes series. This is a young reader story that I think 8-11 year old readers will enjoy.


The story is about a twelve year old girl, Riley Mae. While her father had a meeting, the manager of a company (Swiftriver) who makes designer athletic shoes asks if his daughter could be the spokesperson of a new line. At first Riley Mae is excited to have a shoe line named after her and enjoys the publicity. However, it isn’t all fun and games. She soon finds out that being a spokesperson means missing out on softball games and hanging out with her best friend, TJ. She has commercials to shoot and lots of work to be done afterall!

This book has humor and the adventure I think young girls would enjoy reading. Riley Mae is a like-able character throughout the book and she is someone young readers can relate to. I’m interested in continuing the series to see what trouble Riley Mae and her friends will get themselves into next.

4/5 stars

Note: I received this book free from the publisher through a book review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.



Pirates on the Farm is written by Denette Fretz and illustrated by Gene Baretta. It is from The Next Door Series of children books. This is a quirky and silly story with a great lesson to be learned. In the book we are introduced to the Sanders family who are farmers. One day a group of pirates move in next door, but instead of looking for gold and jewels, they want to try their hand at farming! While Mrs. Sanders is unsure about the pirates, the rest of the family try and help their new neighbors out by teaching them the right way to farm, go to church, and behave during dinner. I thought it was a great way for children to learn to “love thy neighbor” and see the good in people rather than the bad.

I loved the illustrations. Each page was colorful and had a lot to look at. They had a fun way to represent the family and the pirates. I would also like to note that some words a child between 4-8 wouldn’t understand. After the story, there is a dictionary of some of these hard to understand words, such as “hardtack” or “scrimshaw”.

Overall, I thought this would be a cute book for a young reader, especially if they enjoy stories about pirates. It is a quick read, but filled with adventure and heart.

Note: I received this book free from the publisher through a book review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


It is time once again for another book review. This time, I picked up “Andi Unexpected” written by Amanda Flower. The book starts off by introducing us to two sisters, Bethany and Andora Boggs (who goes by the nickname “Andi”). Tragically both their parents died, so they are forced to live with their aunt.


While exploring the attic to clean it out, Andi discovers a forgotten truck from the Depression era hidden inside a secret panel within the wall. Inside the truck she uncovers all sorts of items including evidence about a child who was also named… Andora. How mysterious! As you can expect, Andi is intrigued with this other Andora and will do anything to find out more information about her.  Along with her new friend, Colin Carter, they seek out the answers.

This children’s book was fantastically well written. I felt the characters emotion as they longed for their parents, but also felt their excitement as they came across a new clue. Honestly, I had a hard time putting this book down. It is just that good! The whole mystery behind Andora and the secrets of the other characters as well (who can you trust?) was a splendid read. I was very happy with the conclusion of the book. Usually with mystery novels I have an idea what the ending might be. “Andi Unexpected” was truly unexpected with a nice twist towards the end.

As you can see with my review, I recommend picking up this book and giving it a chance. If you have any interest in mystery, this one is a no brainer. :)

Note: I received this book free from the publisher through a book review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


_240_360_Book.989.coverI had the opportunity to review this deluxe set which includes two CD’s and the story book. Adventure Bible Storybook written by Catherine DeVries is very well illustrated and a great introduction to the Bible for young children. You may want to discuss more of the Bible with your child as you follow along with the book. Each “chapter” is quite condensed at being merely 2 or 3 pages long, so I thought certain pages were lacking the finer details; However, it gets the point across and will warm the hearts of the children who follow along with the audio. Included at the end of each Bible story is a short section called “Adventure Discovery” and “Words to Cherish”. “Adventure Discovery” is a sentence or two of additional knowledge of that particular Bible story, while “Words to Cherish” are direct quotes from the Bible. The audio CD’s I thought were fantastic. Music and sound effects really made each Bible story come to life! One thing I felt was missing from the CD’s was a small chime to let the reader know when to turn the page.  Because of this, a younger child who cannot read yet will have trouble following along.

Overall, I would have to give this book a 4 out of 5. I loved the audio and illustrations, although I took off a point since I would have liked more detail in some of the Bible stories.

Note: I received this book free from the publisher through a book review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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