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Weight Watchers Ice Cream

I had to opportunity to try out Weight Watchers Ice Cream. I got two free coupons from Influenster. At Walmart there were many varieties to choose from, but I decided on the yummy looking chocolate popsicles that have raspberry in the middle.

As soon as I got home I tried one and LOVE it. Honestly it doesn’t taste like a “diet” dessert. It’s rich, creamy, and oh so tasty. There are 12 in a box and it retails for a little over $3. Quite a deal I think. I would recommend these to anyone who needs a snack for those hot days when you just need something cold. A+ Weight Watchers!

$10 to Lane Bryant

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In 1988 Martin Pistorius fell ill. He became unresponsive and doctors thought that he was brain dead. That was far from the truth. Marin was well aware of his surroundings and could see and hear everything. He was trapped inside his own body unable to move.

This book tells the tale of a remarkable true story of Martin’s life. While reading, I could not put down the book. I was captivated by his story telling and horrified at the ordeal he went through. I did find the chapters to be a bit sporadic at times, especially near the end of the book. I felt like he had so much to say that to remember that chapters were disjointed. Even so, I highly recommend this book. It makes you think how lucky you are and things could be worse. A lot worse.

I give “Ghost Boy” 4 out of 5 stars.

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_200_360_Book.1446.coverSearch for the Shadow Key by Wayne Thomas Batson is the second book in the Dreamtreaders trilogy. It follows fourteen year old Archer Keaton who has the fantastic ability to enter his dreams, known as a Dreamtreader.

Archer Keaton is the last Dreamtreader and must find a way to save his family and friends from the new Nightmare King and the Trendrils. He must seal the Dream Fabric or the barrier between dreams and the waking world will merge.

Filled with imagination, fantasy, and temptation, this epic fantasy trilogy was captivating and held my attention. This second part of the Dreamtreaders trilogy is a superb continuation and I honestly can not wait to find out how it all comes together in the end.

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson’s BookLook program but was not obligated to write a positive review. These thoughts are my own.

Cinder, Scarlett, and Cress are the first three books in the young adult series, The Lunar Chronicles written by Marissa Meyer. I picked up the first book last year after a recommendation and it had far exceeded my expectations! I quickly read the second and third books which are equally amazing.

One thing I love about this series is the characters. I absolutely fell in love with each and every one of them. They have depth and heart. I generally care about what happens to them and that is a big deal when it comes to character development. If the people in a book do not interest me, I become uninterested no matter how good the plot is.

The Lunar Chronicles are loosely based on Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel. In the first book, you get to know Cinder who isn’t your average human. She is half cyborg and treated just as nasty as Cinderella was with her evil step mother. She becomes smitten with Prince Kai, but doesn’t want to reveal her true identity. It only gets more engaging from there, with space travel, werewolves, advanced technology, and a mysterious past.

I can not recommend this series enough! If you love fantasy, please pick this book up (and the others because I know you’ll love them)!
The forth and last book, “Winter”, will be coming out later this year. You can bet I will be first in line to pick it up!


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